OOTD - High Altitude Theme Park

Assalam and hello lovelies! 

So my dad planned a Genting trip for
 the family some time in January, so I'm like,
 super duper EXCITEDDD!
I've been thinking of what kinda outfits
 to wear already since the weather there
is different from the usual low land weather! ;)

Headband : DKNY
Earrings : Glams R Us
Black Turtleneck Top : Stardoll
Zipper Dress : Unknown
Striped Jacket : Windows On The World
Mini Sling Bag : Fallen Angel
Scarf : Miss XV BFF
Loose-fit Jeans : Stardoll
Navy Sneakers : Unknown
Watch : Holiday Calendar

Eye makeup is inspired by Sarah Hawkinson,
a youtuber. It happens that blue eyes
just pop with brown eyeshadow all over!

Lipgloss : Luxe
Eyeliner : Sephora
Lengthening Mascara : Sephora
Volumising Mascara : Sephora
Brown Eyeshadow : Sephora


Based on personal experience, even with three
layers I was still freezing! In the morning, that is. 
Or is it just me? 'cause some people could really withstand
the cold morning breeze with only jeans and a t-shirt! :O

So I suggest wearing a tight long-sleeved top
as a base layer. On top of that, wear like a loose and 
comfy mini dress, that covers your bum.
 I'd top that off with a thick cardigan, 
or a windbreaker jacket
for night use. 

Other options are hoodies and sweaters.

As for bottoms, jeans are your best bet! 
They're basically a staple for every season. 
For modesty purposes, I'd stay away from skinny jeans.
Not too flowy also, like palazzos.
Slacks are okay also.

And when the temperature increases at about noon,
just take off the top layer leaving the undershirt and
mini dress (and of course the pants lol)

Hijab-wise, this is the time to take out
those pashminas! However, if you're a simplee 
like me, or afraid that it unwraps and flies off while riding 
those awesome roller coasters, fear not,
slip-on hijabs are here!

Just face it for a while, to look like a
 turtlehead and volume-less hahha 
Better safe than sorry ;)

Footwear; opt for walking shoes, like sneakers or flat boots!
Or school shoes, if you prefer. 

Bags; choose small sling bags. Everyone wants
to go on rides, no one wants to be your butler
holding your oversized bags and missing
all the fun.

Accessories; in my opinion a 
watch is all you need.

Hope that was helpful, and thank you for your time 

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