OOTD - Not So Barbie Barbie

Assalam and hello fashionistas!

Today's makeup look is highly inspired by the infamous Barbie doll!
But it's another story with the outfit (more on that later).

I've had a Barbie doll when I was small,
 and as far as I know she was always wearing purple eyeshadow.
Which, when done wrong, could look
 as if you've just been punched!

So basically I dyed my hair blonde, 
wore blue contact lenses, dolly lashes, and lightened my eyebrows. 

What you'll need:

~ Luxe Lipgloss (only on the middle of the lips and the cupid's bow)
~ Nature Faces Rosa Lipstick
~ Sephora Black Eyeliner (slight winged look)
~ Sephora Black Volumising Mascara (outer corners of the eyes)
~ Sephora White Eyepencil (inner corners of the eyes)
~ Face Cleanser (like a doll would ever need it! lol)
~ Sephora Blush
~ Dot Lavender Eyeshadow
~ Dot White Eyeshadow (on top of lavender eyeshadow)

And the not so Barbie outfit:

Floral Headband : D-Signed
Mandarin Collar Dress : Pretty n Love
Black Turtleneck : Stardoll
Striped Maxi : Kohl's
Necklace : Rio
Bracelet : Stardoll
Bag : Fallen Angel
Black Flats : Fudge

If you're very familiar with Malaysian culture,
 you'll immediately guess this outfit I've put together is highly
 inspired by the Baju Kurung (not dress cage LOL)

I just think Mandarin collars are ah-mazing AND modest. So why not add
that into the equation? :D

Thank you for your time 

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