OOTD - Knick Knacks

Assalam and hello! :)
While dressing up my MeDoll, I'm imagining that I'm heading
out to the cold streets of (insert awesome place here).
Well, probably somewhere in Europe? :p

Hotbuys Beret : Bizou
Black Turtleneck : Stardoll
Hathaway Jacket : Pretty n Love
Tube Skirt : Basic
Scarf : Miss XV BFF
Socks : Holiday Calendar
Stiletto Boots : Philosophy
Hotbuys Pink Purse : Pretty n Love

The skirt was slightly short so I let my tribal-printed 
socks peeked through. And some may question, 
why suddenly the pink purse?
Well I like having some weirdness in my outfits
so there you go! Plus it matches my new
favourite lipstick! 

Simple winged-eyeliner look as usual.
 Taking a break from yesterday's full-faced makeup.

Rosa Lipstick : Nature Faces
Lipgloss : Luxe
Black Eyeliner : Sephora
Olive Eye Kohl : Dot
White Eyepencil : Sephora

Thank you for your time 

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