OOTD - Arabian Fantasy

Assalam and helloooooo <3 font="font">

When you think of typical Arabian makeup, it's all about the thick
eyeliner all over the eyes, cat-like with a slight winged look.
As portrayed by Jasmine from Aladdin!

Jasmine has naturally thick, archy black brows but I
changed mine to dark brown for a more subtle look :D

I kept the lips in a neutral brown to focus
on the eyes ;)

This time around I used the blusher as a bronzer
to mimic the beautiful golden sand of the deserts.

Gold Hair Highlighter : Doree
Black Eyeliner : Sephora
Blush : Sephora

Okay people, now for the Arabian-inspired outfit.
Abayas are a staple in Arabic fashion, but since
I couldn't find a real abaya I had to make one myself :p

Key features of this outfit that screams instant Arabic fashion:
#Wide long sleeves (very abaya-like)
#Hidden belt (like in most abayas)
#Ali baba pants (baggy pants with CUFFS)
#A lot of drapery going on

Instead of the usual long beaded necklaces
to accessorize the abayas, I used a collar necklace
for a more modern look? Idk, you tell me!

Lace Collar : Pretty n Love
Velvet Pullover : Archive
Draped Dress : Unknown
Silk Trousers : Windows on the World
Black Pumps : Stardoll
Envelope Clutch : Voile

Thanks for your time x

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