OOTD - Colour Burst

Assalam and hello everyone!

A lot of people, myself included,
consider the colour black as a 
go-to colour;

the colour that will
 tone down your busy outfits,
the colour that gives an illusion of
a slimmer figure,
the colour that's safe to pair with everything,

Sooo, let's challenge ourselves to put
together outfits that lack black in them.
Why not right? ;)

And black ain't the only neutral colour, y'know. 

This is what I came up with:

Cat Tee : Unknown
Checkered Blouse : Hannah Montana
Varsity Jacket : Unknown
Plum Jeans : Basic
Mint Sneakers : Bizou

I'm not really sure where you
can wear this, probably a fun fair
or a baseball game. 

As you can see, even my makeup today has
no black in it! What an achievement! :P

Personally I'm not a huge fan of pink/red eyeshadows
'cause it somehow makes your eyes look irritated
but yeah, this time it worked out fine. :D

Eyeshadow No.15 : Sephora
Eyeshadow Pearl No.10 : Sephora
Orchid Purple Eyepencil : Sephora
Lipgloss : Luxe
Rosa Ritmo Lipstick : Nature Faces

Thank you for reading x

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