OOTD - Culture Rich

Assalam && hello sisters! x

I'm SO excited to wear these fantabulous METALLIC feathers
from Splendid ever since I bought em!
It could be considered a challenge since I usually avoid
any head accessories ;)

Paired it up with this sequined headband,
 I think they worked well, no?
Never noticed that grey and rusty brown can
look so good together! :D

The same makeup as per yesterday, I just applied
additional grey-ish kohl on the upper lids.

Black Eyeliner : Sephora
Olive Eye Kohl : Dot
Warm Blush : Sephora

After I was done at the beauty parlour,
accessorizing myself and all, I had quite
a tough time to put together an outfit.
Suddenly, this culture theme came to mind!

I initially worked around with grey and rusty brown
and slowly added some other hints of colours.

And this I-don't-know-when-to-wear-it bag is PERFECT!!
But if you ask me what culture/tradition does this
outfit belong to, honestly IDK -.-

Grey Long-sleeved Undershirt : Kohl's
Cropped Trousers w/ Cuffed Hem : DKNY
Long Pink Top : Voile
Salmon Pink Hoodie-Scarf : Pretty n Love
Black Vest : Stardoll
Faux Fur Jacket : Bizou
Bracelets : Unknown
Flats : Fudge
Stockings : Voile

What do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay?
 Thanks for your time x

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