OOTD - Hijabi Workout Outfit

Assalam health addicts :)
Everyone is pretty much aware of the significance
of exercising and shedding away those dreaded calories.
There are endless activities you can do to keep your heartbeat pumping healthily
 - and most of the time it is done outside of the comfort of our homes,
be it at the gym, recreational parks or even your neighbourhood streets!

Therefore, it is crucial for us Muslimahs to dress appropriately, obviously :)
The big question is how are we to achieve that while still being

Here are some suggestions.

#Hoodies - try to find those that pass below the bum 

#Baggy shirts - can it be more obvious?

#Ninja underscarves - can be worn under hoodies and
 they are neck-covering (yayy)

#Undershirts - to be worn under baggy shirts/hoodies

#Loosely-wrapped scarves made of breathable materials 
(cotton, chiffon, etc)

#Caps - to prevent sunburn; they also hold our
hijabs in place

#Loose-fitting trackbottoms (gym pants)

#Comfy Shoes - that are suitable for your activity
(sneakers usually are good enough for everything)

#Minimal Accessories - I recommend a wrist watch,
iPod (or the likes) to listen to motivational talks/Quran recitations/music
while you're running or jogging.

Or to make things easier, just sign up for
a women's only gym :D (Y) 

Yellow Shawl : Film Theory
White Cap : Unknown
Earphones : Fudge
Black Polo Tee : Stardoll
Earth Hour Shirt : Freestuff
White Jeans : Pretty n Love
Crop Pants : Stuff by Hilary Duff
Navy Sneakers : Unknown
Watch : Holiday Calendar

By far the simplest makeup look everr :D 
What I had in mind was the military-isque
black streaks on the cheeks, if you get what I mean?
Y'know, to show girl power lol

A black eye kohl is all you need. 
I think eye kohls work better because they look
 perfectly imperfect with the slight smudging. 
Whereas with liquid liners, the lines are clean and crisp
 which is not what we're going for.

Anyways, if you rather be bare-faced, then go ahead :D 
Remember the sun screen, okay! 

Thanks for reading
ma'as salama (see you soon!)
Fia_fantasy xx

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