OOTD - Preppy Bunny

Assalam and hello darlings :) 

Some of my friends had their first day of college yesterday!

Of course I'm always imagining I'm living in other countries,
especially since it's now Winter in the northern hemisphere..
(oh how I wished I could taste snowflakes lol)
So the keypoints are loadsa layering to
keep yourselves warm.

But yeah, if you live in a summer-all-year-long 
country, leave out the turtleneck, unroll 
the cardigan sleeves, substitute the faux fur
hat with a chiffon/cotton hijab. 


Cat Hat : Velvet Orchid
Black Turtleneck Top : Stardoll
Striped School Cardigan : Fudge
Brown Slack Pants : Stardoll
White Sneakers : Pretty n Love
Hobo Bag : Kohl's
Watch : Holiday Calendar

A fresh new look for a fresh new year!
Trynna be more creative by not repeating
the usual smokey eyes, or winged eyeliner looks.

This time around, I lined my upper and lower
lash lines only on the middle part to make the
eyes rounder ;D
(eventho obviously they already are!)

And extremely highlighted the inner parts of 
my eyes, started with white eyeshadow
followed by a sandy beigy one to not 
look too contrasting with the skin tone! 

White Eyeshadow : Dot
Eyeshadow No.4 : Sephora
Lipgloss : Luxe
Cotton Candy Lipstick : Dot
Black Eyeliner : Sephora

Thanks for your time, good luck for college 

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