OOTD - When Poof & Stripes Collide

Assalam y'all. 
Sorry for the lack of updates these few days.
Was inspiration-less, if that makes sense.
And had bad tummy ache for 3 days,
Alhamdulillah I'm fine now :')

Grey Scarf : Stardoll
Yellow Shawl : Film Theory
Classic White Shirt : DKNY
One-Shoulder Dress : Bizou
Black Tube Skirt : Basic
Plum Booties : Basic
Bag : Decades
Clock Locket Necklace : Bizou

Okayy, so here's me attempting
the poofy hijab style.. Let's just imagine
the hair showing in front is a cream underscarf, k?

Moving on to the necklace,
is it gorgeous or what? Adds
some vintage sass to the outfit!

Yes I'm perfectly aware that the makeup doesn't
particularly match the outfit.
Who cares! har har

Oh ya! If you have black eyes, good news!
It's definitely a universal eye colour,
which means it will work with any eye makeup! :DD

White Eyepencil : Sephora
Volumising Mascara : Sephora
Royal Blue Shade Stick : Dot

Thanks for your time 

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