Can I Have Some?

Assalamualaikum night owls :D
How are y'all today? Good?
Can I ask a simple question?
(Wow, a question in a question lol)
Do you like cooking? =)

My answer would be, so-so. You see, I've just travelled into the world of cooking recently, and I can't say much about it. Though I do admit I am a bit outdated 'cause I'm 18 already and still crawling like a baby :O So far, the recipes I got from the Internet that have yield success are :

Steamed chicken and mushrooms
Steamed egg
Oatmeal and raisin cookies
Milo biscuits

And most of 'em are from YouTube videos :D Sometimes even when there are demos on how to cook, without wordy instructions I can still be hopeless. So I really appreciate youtubers who have their own websites/blogs for written cooking instructions (Y)

Personally, I quite like baking (everyone does!). I don't mind baking cookies for a living.. Part-time lah. Haha

Before I start cooking/baking, I'll usually plan to take pics of the finished product and upload on Facebook and blogger and twitter and yada yada yada. What a show off :p Like I'm the only one who can cook! Lol

But Idk, after it's done.. I don't feel the urge to show off anymore. Like, I'm proud of myself for learning how to cook. Allah knows that, and that's enough for me =)

When I do talk about it in the social media, one of the questions that usually pops up from friends are..

"Can I have some?" Or "Nak sikittttt..."

Something along those lines.
And I seriously do NOT know how to reply to that.

Is that question supposed to be serious - or sarcastic - or simply a friendly gesture?
Please enlighten me. I might be the most naive person ever.

Oh! Today my younger bro baked the classic chocolate chip cookies :D
2 and a half jars of them crispy goodness! Half of them tak dapat diselamatkan
dalam balang sebab dah habis before baking habis pun!
Mum and I helped :)
Baked with love (and patience) from 5pm to 9.30pm :O
Yeahhh took so long 'cause Mum told him to double up the measurements for everythangggg.

In conclusion, I'm pretty excited to venture more into this cooking fantasy, and I plan to cook only healthy food 'cause I wanna stay healthy, toned and of course happy :D What I can basically do is change unhealthy cooking methods to healthier ones, substitute unhealthy ingredients etc.

Ooh sounds exciting =) InshaAllah.

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