How I Spent CNY

First off, I do not celebrate CNY.. 'Cause y'know, I'm not Chinese :p
But since it's just another new year for another calendar, I guess
there's nothing wrong with kinda celebrating it? And it's a kaum thing,
not a religious thing - so Muslims can celebrate it lah.
Simply because Islam is a universal religion =D

Specifically Chinese Muslims, they still celebrate it with their fam :D
While still staying within the boundaries of Islam of course.
This means that they don't get involved in syirik traditions and also
no alcohol no poker games, things like that.

And you're wondering how I knew all these? Well thanks to the
Malaysia Reverted Muslims (MRM) page on Facebook. Some of em
are Chinese, so they are well-versed on these things. They did research
on the origins of the traditions, so they share with others on
what traditions are suitable for Chinese Muslims to carry out.
And God knows best :)
I've became more open minded actually thanks to their posts :D

I guess this is an informative link if you haven't read it yet:


Anyways, my form 3 Science teacher once joked,
'There are a lot of calendars, the Chinese calendar, the Muslim calendar,
the Gregorian calendar.. My birthday is in every calendar! So must
give me prize every time arhhhh' LOL

These weren't her exact words, but you get the gist of it,
right? Some more it's said 3 years ago, consider
yourself lucky cause I still remembered ^^

Simply wanted to share a joke with you, though I'm pretty bad at explaining jokes lol ^^

Wow. That was a long introduction! :P
Long story short, the first day of CNY I ate a lot. Like CRAZY a lot. I suppose one of
the factors is that we're at the hometown (yes every Malaysian balik kampung no matter what the celebration :)) and we have NOTHING to do most of the time.

When we're bored, we eat.
When we're bored, we sleep.
When we're hungry, we eat (again!)

Aishh like preparing for hibernation only! :P

Oh ya, from a lecture by Prof Muhaya,
"Orang merokok susah nak berhenti merokok - sebab guna will power, minda sedar (conscious mind) - only 5%. Tapi bila kena penyakit jantung, terus berhenti - sebab disertakan dengan emosi - subconscious mind, 95%"

So the moral of the story is.. We must put in our emotions when we want to commit to something. As you can probably tell :B

P.S. my brother coincidentally sported on a red shirt with a pair of red pants yesterday :D

It's been a long time since I've written an actual blog post. It feels good. :3

Thanks for your time.

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