OOTD - Babysitting

Assalam everyone :)
Children are such wonderful creatures, aren't they? 
With their bugsy-like eyes, happy smiles, 
innocent, honest remarks and perhaps their
comforting smell? ^^ 

(not talking about poo-time obviously lol)

Hello, I am big-eyed Bugsy :D

Many students do part-time jobs for extra income,
babysitting, though rare, is one of them.

Look for a babysitting job if you adore kids :D

Basically, when you're going for a job interview, or heading
to work - of course you'd put on something professional-looking, right?
Babysitting is also a job ('cause you're being paid duhh) so dress
appropriately alright? Not actually what a white-collar worker
would wear, no no no..

But y'know, something.. fuss-free, comfy, modest and will
make your employer trust you to take care of their beloved
children. Trust, is a strong word..

Grey Pashmina : Stardoll
Red Bandana : Unknown
Boho Printed Top : Unknown
Grey Undershirt : KOHL's
Loose-fit Jeans : Stardoll
Wedges : Pretty n Love
Bag : Pretty n Love
Watch : Holiday Calendar

So this is what I came up with. The hijab is wrapped loosely so
you can easily take it off once the parents are out. The bandana
however, stays, obviously it'll keep your hair neat and tidy! 

I also recommend wearing tops with half-sleeves 'cause it'd
be easier to cook and clean and wash their butts. :P haha
Just don't forget the easily-removable arm covers. 

As for bottoms, stick to a pair of  jeans/sweatpants/pajamas that's
comfy to run and bend in. 

We don't wear shoes in the house, so feel free to wear whatever you like ^^

The almost no makeup makeup look. Only one makeup item per 
major face regions - eyes, cheeks, lips.

I really wanted to emphasize on the cheeks this time,
trying something new. 

Lengthening Mascara

Thank you for your time x

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