OOTD - Coolness to the eyes

Assalam everyone :)
Blue has been one of my favourite colours for as long as I remember.
A very peaceful colour indeed. The colour palette for this outfit
is very much muted to focus more on the subtle experiment: mixing textures I love.
Lace. Pleats. Knits. So let's combine them (Y)

For the somewhat school girl look, I opted for white sneakers. 
Ahh, brings back memories..

Beret : Unknown
Grey Undershirt : KOHL's
Laced Shoulder Top : Voile
Knitted Sweater : Stardoll
Light washed Blue Jeans : KOHL's
Sneakers : Pretty n Love
Oversized Bag : DKNY
Lace Collar Necklace : Pretty n Love
Watch : Holiday Calendar
Ring : Epiphany

Recently I learned that you should do a mid-parting
of your hair and natural-looking thick eyebrows
to look more youthful, so aha :>

I like mismatching my lipstick to my outfit. Such an
interesting pop of colour!

White Eyepencil
Black Eyepencil (smudged on the lower lash line)
Black Liquid Liner (applied on the upper lash line)
Bubblegum Pink Lipstick

Thanks for your time. :)

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