OOTD - Goldilocks

Assalam Alaykum 
I am so proud to say that the sleeveless dress featured in this OOTD is
my own design made in Stardesign ;D

I really like the scallop pattern underneath the bust line, the quirky
polkadot panel in the middle and the cute faux buttons at the pockets!
Overall an extremely wearable dress for casual and formal occasions,
provided you know how to dress the dress (pun intended) ;D

I combined it with a cropped collared vest that is also black with
gold accents and it looked like a part of the dress which was intentional.

I also wanted some other colours to incorporate in this outfit besides gold, 
black and white so I opted for a grey undershirt, 
one of the must haves in my stardoll closet!

The rest of the outfit is pretty much neutral-coloured 'cause
I want the focus to be on ze dress. And yes burgundy
is a neutral colour in my books! ^_^

Beret : Unknown
Grey Undershirt : KOHL's
Cropped Collar Top : Voile
Sleeveless Dress : DIY
White Pants : Archive
Nude Flats : Voile
Burgundy Bag : Pretty n Love
Watch : Holiday Calendar
Ring : Epiphany

I first applied a generous amount of eyeshadow
that looks like a mismatched foundation colour haha ^^
To make it seem gold-like and shiny, I applied little strokes
of white eyeshadow in the parts nearer to the nose.
Lil bit of mascara, eyeliner and white eyeliner in the inner
corners of the eyes to complete the eye makeup.

As for the lips, I only highlighted the cupid's bow
and the middle of the bottom lips. 


Black Liquid Liner
Volumising Mascara
White Eyepencil
Eyeshadow No.4 Sephora
White Eyeshadow

Thanks for your time 

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