OOTD - Maxi Love

Assalam everyone ;)
This is one of those outfits that scream "HEY I'M SIMPLE BUT STYLISH!"
wouldn't you agree? 

Now, maxi dresses, aren't only donned on by soon-to-be-mummies
or solely at the beach. In fact it is very multi-purpose and may be worn by all age groups!

I, for one, have a soft spot for these babehs - they flatter all figures
and skim over the hips perfectly to cover unwanted baggage. haha 

Personally though, I'm not comfortable with only wearing a maxi
dress and a short jacket - my bum's still not covered. I mean, like..
I just feel more secure when there are two layers of clothing to cover my behind.

That's why I opted for this sleeveless long vest to go over
the cropped blazer. As you can see, since both of them are black,
they look like a one-piece, oversized blazer.. awesome, right?! :D

Other alternatives for extra layers:
 slip dresses, fishtail tops, kimono cardigans ^_^
Just be creative with what you have.

At the same time.. TADAH! Le maxi dress is transformed into
a maxi skirt! :> Versatility, check!

Cropped Blazer : Archive
Sleeveless Vest : Fallen Angel
Maxi Dress : KOHL's
Necklace : Voile
Cuff Bracelet : Voile
Bag : Windows On The World
Black Flats : Fudge

I love peachy blushers, they give so much warmth to your face..

Black Volumising Mascara
Grey Eye Kohl
Warm Pink Lipstick
Peachy Blush

Thanks for your time x

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