OOTD - Sweater Elegance

Assalam :D

I went a bit cray shopping at the Starplaza within the last two days. 
Who could resist! They'll be gone after the 50% OFF sale and
of course I grabbed the chance to own some stuff that have
been on my wishlist since who knows when! :B

Guess what.. the sweater, the bag and the necklace
 were on sale items!

And who said sweaters are only for lazy days?! 

Blush Sweater : Windows On The World 
Plum Skirt : Basic
Black Pantyhose : Voile
Pumps : Stardoll
Necklace : Voile
Mauve Tote Bag : Windows On The World

In my opinion, the thick mascara and eyeliner combo
works best with light coloured eyes. So I wore my grey contacts ;)

Black Eyepencil : Sephora
Black Volumising Mascara : Sephora
Blush Soleil D'or : Sephora
Lipgloss : Luxe

This is THE earthy brown lip tint. Gorgeous!

My recent purchases! All of 'em were ON SALE except
for the skirt. It was already cheap and was from the same price range
as the on sale items so why not ey? ^_^

Keep an eye out for future OOTDs 'cause inshaAllah I'm
gonna include these awesome buys! :D

Thanks for your time,
Fia_fantasy xo

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