OOTD - You Girly Thing!

Assalam Alaykum :)
How are y'all doing? 
What do you think of my outfit today?

It's full of girly elements, for example
the colour PINK :D
Also, I think nude flats can transform
any outfit to a cute, girly outfit.
AND it gives the illusion of longer legs! Uh-huh.
I added the moto jacket to not make it
too girly girly, which might not be suitable for a 
young adult. 

I suppose you can wear this to college,
or a day out with friends, basically any casual
occasion :D

Long Pink Top : Voile
Ruched Light Pink Top : Pretty n Love
Moto Jacket : ELLE
Skinny Jeans : Stardoll
Nude Ballet Flats : Voile
Gray Bag : Fudge
Purple Bracelets : Tingeling
Stud Bracelet : Avril Lavigne

This is a new Starpoint hairstyle I just unlocked :D
Absolutely adore the simplicity of it! 

Moving on to the makeup; it's just a simple one really.
Perhaps the different application of lip products
upped the scale from normal everyday makeup
to exclusive makeup :D

Black Eyeliner : Sephora
Lipgloss : Luxe
Party Pink Glitter Lipstick : Luxe
Soleil D'or Blush : Sephora

Thanks for reading x

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