Ever-Changing Childhood Ambitions

When I was still in primary school, for some period of time I enjoyed collecting pamphlets (I had to ask google for the spelling haha) on house designs.. Y'know, the types that you get at shopping malls and specialized places I can't even recall. The reason for the existence of these pamphlets is obviously, to promote new houses built in new housing areas.

 Often times the booths include 3D models of the whole house, some parts totally how you would see it from outside, while some are roof-less ^_^ There's something so fascinating about peeking into people's homes :P

The house layouts interested me so much so that I DIY-ed my own amateur pamphlets. I designed my own house on paper..With the porch and the kitchen and all the furnitures as viewed from the top. And at the front page I wrote "Intrested? Call bla bla bla"

I was pretty much satisfied with myself, if not proud. Architecture seemed awesome. But then.. My Mum commented something along the lines of, "No one's gonna buy your house! Can't even spell I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-E-D!"

My high hopes crashed. Somehow my interest subsided. Apparently I was too sensitive, and still am. I bet my Mum didn't mean to make me feel bad or anything 'cause she's a cool mum ;) It was just, me over thinking. :B


Sometime in Form 2, for my English oral test, we had to talk about our ambitions. Mine was to become a fashion designer. It went went Alhamdulillah. And then, I'm not sure if it happened during or after the test or whatever, but Mrs M asked me "So where do you plan to study?"

I spontaneously and confidently answered "London" :P All because I knew that London's one of the fashion capitals of the world. Little did I know that there is a HUGE difference when it comes to CURRENCY and perhaps culture. :B


This happened like, when I was 8, and during BM class. So from what I understood and heard, the teacher requested the students to write on the blackboard a career/job. To my annoyance, student after student wrote the same thing : TEACHER. I'm like, can't you see it's already there ;_;

When it was my turn to write I wanted to be a little smarter than the others so I wrote something that no one else wrote : NURSE.

It turned out that the teacher wanted us to write what WE wanna become in the future. Not just a random job. So at that time, the teacher thought I wanted to be a nurse! NOO YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG ;_;

And then she remarked, 'Nanti kena basuh kencing orang tua tau' =='
Oh hahaha funny.. NOT.


You might be wondering what inspired me to write this post. Well, I'm filling in the UPU form and still stuck at the choose-your-courses-please section. And some of the courses I'm considering to apply for are all of the above haha

Thanks for reading :)

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