OOTD - Brownies

Assalam everyone :)
Long time no post, eh? Sowwie :p

Hey look! BROWNIES!!
(gambar hiasan hee)

I wanted to wear this sweater again, gotta
make my money's worth! lol

If only it was longer - then I would love it even more!

The whole outfit basically consists of brown-ish hues, and I reckon
little hints of blue here and there won't hurt? ;D

Black Scarf : Tingeling
Blue Scarf : Folk
Red Scarf : Unknown
Blush Sweater : Windows On The World
Brown Slacks : Stardoll
Navy Sneakers : Unknown
Over-sized Bag : DKNY
Necklace : Unknown 

If you know me well, I like my makeup and outfit
to not match, for some reason =)
It's just how I roll! Purple and black is one
of my fave colour combos as well, so yeah.

Black Eyepencil
Plum Eyepencil
White Eyeshadow
Luxe Lipgloss
Cotton Candy Pink Lipstick

Syukran for reading x

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