OOTD - Less is More

Assalam :)
Sometimes I would read previous OOTDs and think, "I
would SOO NOT wear this outfit in real life" lol
Therefore my mission from now on is
to post outfits that can be considered wearable
for everyday wear, even for the 
I-could-care-less-about-fashion folks! ;)

Oh btw, I have two college interviews this weekend, wish
me luck :D One of my options is interior design, and
doesn't this outfit scream "HEY, I'm an interior designer, I can
wear whatever I want, no boring monochrome-hued suits,
and I bet you're jealous now hahha"


Yellow Scarf : Film Theory
Green Fringed Scarf : Fallen Angel
Headband : DKNY
Teal Blouse : KOHL's
Oversized Cardigan : Stardoll
Everyday Jeans : Stardoll
Black Pumps : Stardoll
Bag : Pretty n Love
Arm Candy : Holiday Calendar

Just simple makeup for today; makeup-free eyes
with a cool-toned pink lipstick and lipgloss.
And I bet you can't tell that I have a hint of
blusher over there, right?! YEAAA..

Cotton Candy Lipstick : Dot
Lipgloss : Luxe
Warm Peach Blush : Sephora

Thanks for reading x

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