OOTD - Lovin' Peplum

Assalam everyone :)

I've always wanted to try out the peplum
trend, however as I am more towards
the curvy side, I figured it would show too
much shape? But that doesn't
mean I can't rock it in the virtual world! ;D

Based on personal preference, I would
feel much more secure when I have another
layer of fabric covering the waist-hugging part
of the peplum top, and only make the flowy part visible.

A tip from Shea Rasol - one of
my fave fashion bloggers - is to wear
a cropped top on top. :)

And here's my tip: Wrap a scarf
around your neck and do ensure it's in a
v-shape. Hence it covers the chest and
the waist - yippeee!

Besides that, I also noticed loadsa
girls pairing peplum tops with umbrella-cut
skirts and skinny jeans, I mean, really people?
The body shape is revealed even more -.-

So yeah, harem pants and wide skirts
are the way to go! (for me at least)

Mustard Peplum Top : Basic
White Harem Pants : Basic
Animal-Print Scarf : KOHL's
Heels : Pretty n Love
Beret : Unknown
Clutch : Voile
Watch : Holiday Calendar

Simple winged eyeliner. 

Of course you'll need a Black Liquid Liner! :)

Thanks for reading x

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