OOTD - Graduation Party

I like this. It's simple yet sophisticated. The hints
of blue and purple add character to the outfit. 

I've always wondered where I can find these hippie-inspired
headbands in Malaysia.. Or I shall make my own, inshaAllah ;)

It looks simple enough innit? Just cut a waistband
measured to comfortably sit on your head and then secure
it by sewing twisted hair ties.. Easier said than done? lol

Blue Scarf : Folk
Headband : Bratz
Empire Cut Maxi Dress : Voile
White Shirt : Bizou
Gold Jacket : Hannah Montana
Necklaces : Pretty n Love, Rio
Clutch : Rio
Nude Ballet Flats : Pretty n Love

You can't see the contouring with the blush at all
in the first picture due to the generous amount
of fabric wrapping my cheeks, but believe me it exists ;)

I've also worn winged-eyeliner stickers (is that what you call it?)
as well as some falsies on the upper lashline.
Meanwhile I simple applied lengthening mascara
on the sides of the lower lashline to balance out
the naturally-winged eye shape. I don't
want my eyes to go up up up and away you know!

Black Eyepencil
Black Liquid Liner
Luxe Lipgloss

White Eyepencil
Lengthening Mascara
Warm-toned Blusher

Thank you for reading x

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