OOTD - Maximum Coating

Assalam everyone :)

So here is typical me with le typical hijab. I'm
loving it to bits! Glad I don't have to wash it haha

In my eyes, maxi dresses are awesome to
be paired with anything - especially this coat! Did I mention
it's one of my fave coats?! :D

The key for a formal outfit is usually
#1 a blingy clutch
#2 a blingy necklace

Bring on the bling bling babeh~

Headband : DKNY
Hijab : Apres Ski
Maxi Dress : KOHL's
Coat : Stardoll Academy
Necklace : Stardoll
Clutch : Stardoll Academy
Pumps : Stardoll

Ever since I changed my eyes (lool), I find that this particular
set of almond eyes look the nicest with smokey eyes.. so
be prepared to see more ;)

Purple makes brown eyes pop   

Black Liquid Liner
Clear Lipgloss
Dusty Pink Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow
True Black Eyeshadow

Thank you for reading x

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The Pinkswannie~ said...

woah!!! so pretty!!!