OOTD - Work

Assalam ladies ;)

When choosing outfits for work, especially
if the place has a strict dress code, then choosing
an all-black outfit is ideally a safe choice!

However, do not ignore your love for colours -
simply choose any coloured hijab in your storage - and it'll match
perfectly with universal black.
 (Uh, duhh, we know that Hannah!)

Here I've worn it with my yellow hijab, and I've
continued the black-and-yellow colour scheme
in my accessories.

Brown is a cousin of yellow, so let's add that
to the equation as shown by the bag. The double blue
 headband was actually an impromptu 
decision - sometimes these gut feelings
are right. ;)

Remember, the more colours, the more casual
the outfit becomes. Lesser colours, more formal.

Scarf : Film Theory
Black Tunic : Decades
Bell Bottoms : Decades
Socks : Stardoll
Black Pumps : Stardoll
Bag : Windows On The World
Accessories : Rio, Elle

I feel that simple makeup works best for work (ha!). 
I might've gone overboard with the blusher,
 so forgive me!

White Eyepencil (inner corners of the eyes)
Black Eyepencil (outer corners of the eyes)
Lengthening Mascara (top lashline)
Peachy Blush

Syukran for reading y'all ;)

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