OOTD - Beach Stroll

Assalam everyone :)

B-E-A-C-H. If you're referring to the place filled
with sand, breeze and sunshine - then do say it slowly 
as in beeeachhhh. And not 'beach!' 

Because, you might be mistaken
for the female dog word. 
And you know that's not nice ;)

My English Society teacher was the person
who told me this, so kuddos to her! *claps*

Oh yeah.. this is just an outfit example that's flowy
and modest and of course hijabi-friendly for a lovely stroll
on the beach.

Scarf : Stardoll
Headband : DKNY
Black Undershirt : Stardoll
Loose Purple Top : KOHL's
Army Green Ali Babas : Film Theory
Sandals : Rio
Bag : Pretty n Love
Bracelets : Rio, Tingeling

An unusual combination of eyeshadows for me, 
but it somehow works with the outfit :)

White Eyeliner
Black Eyeliner
Volumising Mascara

Leprechaun Green Eyeshadow
Light Gray Eyeshadow

(both f.o.c. from Stardoll Academy - scoreee!)

Thank you for reading x

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