University Life So Far

Assalam world,

I've just survived a week of Ta'aruf (orientation).
I'm lying on my bed as I'm typing this, cause I'm currently at home.

They are really strict on modest dress code, I tell ya.
For classes, you can only wear Baju Kurung/Abaya and plain hijabs.
Not just any plain hijabs, but school-style ones or bawals (voile).
I think a senior mentioned that even plain instant hijabs (which I planned on wearing)
aren't allowed. Oh well. But one good thing for sure, is that my hijab will not be naturally
pulled shorter until my front part is not properly covered when placing the matric card on my neck.

Oh man. I've sat for hours during the motivational talk. I shall be more positive.

In terms of mahallah (or mahallahs as they call them), it's my first time experiencing this way of life.
Alhamdulillah I am slowly adapting, I would like to think so. Also, since my room is on the third floor, I get to exercise a lot! Alhamdulillah

I learned how to properly hand wash my clothes.
I learned how to refill water (Lol, the first time I did it there was a lot of spills!)
I learned how to be more independent.
I learned to track what I spend.

I am also liking the fact that my room is super near to the toilet. Haha :D

The cafe, hmm.. Well on good days there are vegetable dishes I actually like, so I'll put a huge pile
of them on my plate - usually about the same amount as my rice - with a piece of protein. The price is relatively cheaper than outside food. Stalls selling waffles, roti canai, soupy noodles, chicken rice are also available.

When I'm lazy to dress up properly to go down and eat I'll just gobble up my stocks of roti krim or biscuits (I know, not so healthy but mehhh)

Oh yes, the exams.
EPT (English Placement Test)
APT (Arabic Placement Test)
FKT (Fundamental Knowledge Test - Fardhu Ain)
TEnT (Tilawah Entrance Test)

For EPT, I was exempted Alhamdulillah - which means I do not have to take any English classes, though I'm kinda sad about that - it's one of the ways to release stress for me. As for APT, as expected I'm in level 1 which is for non-basic students. Results for the last two are still not out but I have a good feeling for FKT. But for TEnT, let's just say I still have a lot to improve on. InshaAllah the Tilawah classes in the future will do me good.

One more thing I'd like to stress, I am really influenced by the good environment (Bi'ah Solehah) here. Every time before heading out, roommates will put on hand socks and socks and chest-covering hijabs so it becomes a norm and doesn't make you feel awkward when it's only you doing it.

Speaking of roommates, they are one year older than me, but I don't really mind.
They're good people and really nice.
I'm the one who needs to be more friendly.
I've made some other friends too, I hope I'm get to see them more often. InshaAllah :)

During the Ta'aruf week, we also sang the CFS song, and boy, do I love the chorus!
The Ta'aruf committee were awesome. I find it somewhat weird when they call everyone 'brothers and sisters', but good weird. It's a gentle reminder that we are one ummah regardless of
skin colour, race, etc, united with the faith in One God, Allah.

Some fun songs and exercises we did, to be kept in memory:

Saya teko,
Gemuk, Pendek..
Saya teko,
Gemuk, Pendek..
Mendidih tuang,
Mendidih tuang.

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family,
With our lovely sisters in Islam,
Till we meet in Jannah~

Jazaki jazaki jazakillah hukhairan,
Walaki, walana,
InshaAllah fil Jannah.

How are you?
Stay strong,
Allahu Akbar!

Apa khabar?
Tetap semangat,
Allahu Akbar!

I think I've babbled enough already, so I'll just stop here.

I am now an official student of CFS IIUM, and my course is Allied Health Science.
Aspiring to become a successful dietitian one day, inshaAllah Ameen!

Ya Allah please ease everything for us, and strengthen our faith in You, Ameen.


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