Aidiladha + OOTD

Assalam everyone! Salam Aidiladha ♡ 
It's today, yeap. 15 October 2013. 
Like Aidilfitri, the date varies according to the Gregorian calendar. Fyi, the months in the Islamic calendar only has 29 days each, so there's gonna be a shifting thing going on, y'know? Kinda like frameshift mutation LOL #BioAlert

If you're not quite sure what this celebration is, allow me to explain :)
Muslims have two Eid celebrations, the first one being the Hari Raya Puasa / Aidilfitri, a celebration of victory after fasting for a whole month of Ramadhan. On this day, in the early morning after fajr prayer, Muslims would gather at the mosque to pray a sunnah prayer (not obligatory) and listen to a sermon afterwards.

 The other one, Hari Raya Haji / Aidiladha, we start the day also with the congregational sunnah prayer and sermon, and usually followed by the slaughtering of lambs/cows/camels etc. Now, why the slaughter/sacrifice?

Prophet Ibrahim a.s. was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his only son Prophet Ismail a.s. This was a test of faith for them. Bear in mind, Allah is self-sufficient. Both of them were willing to sacrifice and be sacrificed for the sake of Allah. In the end Allah commanded him to sacrifice a lamb instead of his son. So this celebration is to honour that sacrifice. 

I hoped that my explanation helped you a little. Feel free to do your own research for more knowledge.


I've just finished my final exam last Thurs and the sem break has just begun! The test now.. is to spend time wisely. I WANNA BE A PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM! InshaAllah.

"By time,
 Indeed, mankind is in loss,
 Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience."
 [ Quran translation 103:1-3 ] 

Ooh and here's another OOTD. It's an everyday outfit, as always! Alhamdulillah for the idea to combine scarves and create a decent chest-covering hijab! :)

Maxi Dress : Decades
Flowy Blazer : Stardoll
Wedge Boots : Wild Candy
Maroon Bag : Pretty n Love
B & W Hijab : Apres Ski
Burberry Scarf : Mortal Kiss
Yellow Shawl : Film Theory
Random Bracelets : Unknown

For the cheeks I applied two tones of blush; 
the tan one acting as a bronzer and the pink one as a blush,
 all in all hoping to achieve the healthy glow.

I prefer to keep my eye makeup simple.
Eyeliner, or no eyeliner. That's it.

~ Black Pencil Liner
~ Tan Blush from Sephora
~ Pink Blush from Dot

Thank you for reading~ :)

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