Words Can Inspire.

When I first entered university, I prayed to Allah to choose for me good roommates to live with. That was all I mentioned. It didn't cross my mind to mention roommates of the same age. Alhamdulillah my roommates were more than I hoped for, but they were all a year older than me. LOL The lesson here is to be specific when making du'aa! I don't mind anyway, since I don't have any older sisters :)

I heard them talk through their phones etc, and some of their words affected me so much. If not their words, their actions. Of course I didn't tell them, let that be a secret. Let them gain secret pahala. :')

But I am going to share their words/actions with you. InshaAllah they will inspire you, as they have inspired me. Their names will be kept secret.

#1 When the classes were about to commence the following week, one roommie said to her mum through the phone

 "(nickname) takut masa (nickname) dengan Quran kurang.."

Translation// I'm worried I'll have less time with the Quran.


#2 Another roommie, when she bought a new tablet, she said "The first app I want to download is the Quran.."


#3 And they always always pray on time. No matter how sick they are (headache etc), even until they cannot manage to attend classes, they are always ready to pray once the call of prayer // azan is heard. 

#4 Especially during Taaruf week, whenever they had free time, one of their top activities is reading the Quran. 

It makes me think, why am I not as addicted to the Quran as they are :'(

#5 When one roommie was extremely down, she said "Lain kalau sedih masa boleh solat and masa tak boleh solat.."

Translation// It's different when you're sad and you can pray and when you're sad but you're having your menses and can't pray.

#6 Once they step out of the room, they will always have their hijab on. Even when the toilet is their destination. This indicates they are really observing their aurah, just in case male technicians pass by to fix things or something. Better safe than sorry.

#7 Socks and handsocks are a must to wear in public. If it weren't for uia, I might still not have the courage to wear them consistently. Thanks to Allah.

#8 The triple hug & cheek kiss. The sunnah. It was never really a habit for me, but slowly I'm liking it. I have this weird wonderful feeling inside when seeing other people do it.

#9 The tudung labuh. It covers the butt. I know those who wear it will indeed feel secure and protected. You can spot sisters wearing it everywhere in uia. It's a beautiful sight subhanallah.

#10 The more sad they are, the more they read the Quran. Subhanallah, indeed words can heal :'

That's all for now. Syukran.

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