Is Isolation Necessary?

I don't talk to boys. Unless I really need to. For work purpose and stuff.
With lecturers, or older people, I'm like, totally okay with talking to them.
But with guys my age, just, uh.. no.
Simply because, I'm afraid. Of falling in love.
When my relationship with Allah, is not even perfect.
But that's another story.

But have you ever wondered how it feels to be the only girl or guy in the class?
Wouldn't you want to fit in? To feel like you belonged?

Or would you just.. isolate yourself from everyone else?
Just because of the gender difference..
Idk, sometimes I feel the word 'isolate' is too harsh.
A kingdom of isolation.. and it looks like I'm the queen.
Frozen. Fan. Here.

Anyways.  I'm still confused. Is joking with them really necessary?
If you can talk to a girl about it, why would you talk to a guy about it?
(no comment)

This situation does happen in reality, okay. Especially if you
are enrolled in a male-dominated course.

Or if you're a male (I doubt!) and you are taking a female-dominated
course, perhaps biology-related ones? BUT SINCE I'M A GIRL

Just imagine...
After class, everybody leaves together with their friends to eat somewhere
or head to the next class..
But you, the only girl, walk alone.

Just imagine.. that happening for the whole semester.
Wowzers. Yeah. That's just.. sad.

Maybe, as a solution, she can walk with her guy classmates occasionally,
because the more, the merrier.
Nahh, just kidding.
The more people there are in a group, the less fitnah it will cause.
It will be better if there are unequal numbers of both genders.
So people won't think that it's a double date or something.
But of course that won't happen if you are the only girl in class.
Basically, no being alone with a guy. OK.
I've made my point.

I've finished reading Aku Ada Wali by Fatimah Syarha. 
Tbh it was the first love-related thick Malay novel I've ever read. hihi

I really admire how Syumaila (the main character) deals with 
the opposite gender. When there is a need to meet the guys, 
she must have at least a girl friend to accompany her. 
What an exemplary habit!

In the last semester, I've seen male students walking, talking with female students.
But in groups la. But still, ashamedly, I thought bad about 'em.
Y'know how it's always good to think good of others..
It didn't even come to my mind that he was probably the only beetle in a class of flowers.
(read, beetle=guy, flower=girl). 

The moral of this thought-expressing post - husnuzon lah sayang oii.
Don't jump to conclusions when you don't know the real deal.
And try to be in the shoes of the odd one out.
How lonely they must've been.

See ya later alligator!

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