If we rip our skins,
as if we cut the rat's skin for dissection (guna gunting you, class gitu),
what do we see?
Blood? Bones? Muscles? Veins? Whatever-else-bio-related?
Is it scary for you to imagine?

Did you look at your friends' rats?
How do their insides look like?
Probably the same as your rat's, no?

How about humans, eh?
We have different skin colours.. yeah.
But underneath it all we're all made of the same components.
Blood, bones, muscles, veins etc.
Go read your Bio books

And then.. when we die, we'll rot in the soil.
In due time.
What will be left is only the skeleton.

Faham tak faham tak maksud saya?
Different people have different standards of beauty.
Some might think having a certain skin colour is pretty.
And you might terperasan when people praise you for that.

In actual fact, you did nothing to gain it.
Allah chose that skin colour for you,
so it is the best skin colour for you.
It is also a test for you.

When you die, all that physical beauty will not matter anymore.

Ingat yeee..
Kulit putih tak penting, hati putih yang penting!
Aja aja fighting!

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