The Black Dot

When you look at this very simple picture..
What do you notice?

The black dot?
Or the white background?

You see, most people, including myself, would say "Of course the black dot!"
And when other people choose the other answer, you're like.. "Jinjja?! Wow your mind works differently eh"

Sooo.. for those who noticed the black dot,
does that mean we look at people the same way?

Let's say someone has done so many good things..
but we don't acknowledge them at all.
BUT when he/she does a single wrong action,
we quickly judge them and our whole perception of them changes..
for the worse.
Who's at fault here?

When we have a feeling that we're gonna judge someone
just for one wrong thing they did,
why don't we try to remember this picture?
And let's notice the white background instead, okay?

Reminder to myself first and foremost. :)

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