Time to get out of your comfort zone

For Sejarah Form 3, each person had to do a folio about a cultural celebration in Malaysia.
As stereotyped, the Malays did about Raya, the Chinese did about CNY, the Indians did about Diwali or Thaipusam.. And so on. Including me.
It's not that we're racist or whatever, but that's what we know best as we are the insiders of those cultures, and we think that it will be easier for us to explain the traditions involved.
Recently I have just submitted a 20-page journal for the subject Basic Social Studies. It could be about anything that relates to the topics we've learned - history, culture, geography etc. It's supposed to be a fun and light read with lots of pictures.
I am really interested in culture and history. For previous reports my topics were about things or events that happen far far away, and/or long long ago haha. But nothing really Malaysian.
It's in line with the saying "kera di hutan disusukan, anak sendiri dibiarkan mati kelaparan".
Figuratively, I do not want to biarkan anak mati kelaparan lol I want to break the barrier. So I chose the topic Chinese New Year. For those taking RIM, this topic might be usual for you, but not to me so be it.
The choice is also driven by my regret. The majority of students in my high school were Chinese but I was kind of ignorant of their culture. For five years. I just knew the things on the surface and that's it. What kind of Malaysian was I.
And I may not believe what you believe, but I should respect them. Agreeing to disagree is best in this case. With solid mutual understanding comes acceptance of similarities and differences, and that's what all Malaysians aspire to achieve.
Thank you Allah for easing the journey of my journal completion.
Thank you BRM for teaching me how to do research and cite sources.
Thank you family and friends who have helped me finished it in any way.
Peace! Assalamualaikum.

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