Foundation-to-Degree Holiday Goals

1. Get a driver's license. Yes, you read that right. I'm 19. Still can't drive. 

2. Relearn languages.

ARABIC ~ It has always been an on off thing for me honestly. In primary school, I didn't take Arabic serious enough that even tho I got a B for PSRA, I've forgotten everything after that. Like EVERYTHING *facepalm* I still remember that I was still unable to absorb the basics, like huwa huma hum etc *double facepalm* 

BUT! I still had hope. Upon entering UIA, it was obligatory of me to study Arabic Level 1. And I passed!! Didn't even have to take Level 2! Most of my classmates were exempted as well! :DD Alhamdulillah. Unfortunately, after two Arabic-less semesters and no persistent practice of the language, erm you know what happens. So now that I have my books back, let the studying begin! So I will not forget what I've learned again! Yes!

SPANISH ~ Dora the Explorer exposed me to the language since I was small, which interested me enough to pursue it informally approximately a year ago, I believe. I use the app DuoLingo & I highly recommend it. Again, with language learning you have to be diligent, and lack thereof lead me to forget it. Dang it. If Spanish was one of foreign language options for my degree, I'd take it in a heartbeat. 

BM ~ Even native speakers need brushing up. Especially if the last time you wrote a Malay essay was two years ago. And I have APT/EPT but in BM upon entering Gombak. The more reasons to memperkasakan bahasa Malaysia. 

3. Learn the characters of Japanese or Mandarin.
I'll have to take either one as my foreign language option soon. Still deciding between the two. Time is ticking. But at least what's left after subconsciously recognising the characters, I'll only need to know the meanings. Only. har har

4. 1 book every 3 days. It's a start! Note down new words as well! 

5. Baking experiments. And find out what business to do (I need to feed myself, man. No more gov allowance!) So far, I know that baking is the only thing I'm decently good at :/

6. I-want-to-touch (& read)-the-Quran campaign. Every single day. InshaAllah.

7. Make choices for degree studies. Sociology, Tourism or Psychology? Japanese or Mandarin? To study abroad or not to study abroad? And so many other or ors. 

8. Clean. My. Room. 

9. Learn how to ride a bike! I've been told that walking from place A to place B in UIA Gombak takes 30 mins?! Therefore riding a bike could really improve my physical health & won't make me sweat as much hehe.

10. Learn ICT. Photoshop or something. Since I am a communications student. And in this modern world we communicate with social media, which is based on codings, epic graphics, etc. 

Too much to handle? I'll try my best. InshaAllah.
The keyword is TRY.
And seriously I need regular time-outs from gadgets. Allah, help me.

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