20 Facts About Me Tag

Assalam :)

1. When I do notes, I want them to be as colourful as possible; at least using all three black, blue & red pens.
2. Online, I prefer group chats while offline, I prefer one-to-one interactions.
3. Mainly talks about work/school stuff with people. Hence don't really have connections outside of classes.
4. Baking is my most legit non-gadgety hobby.
5. Currently studying Communications but still has a soft spot for Bio.
6. How I interact with guys depends on how they interact with me.
7. Easily intimidated by garang people & I attempt to avoid them whenever possible.
8. Online, I enjoy dolling up my avatars with make-up & stylish outfits. Offline, mehh. Simplicity & ease FTW. 
9. Western food is the bomb diggity. I can survive with bread & no rice long enough. 
10. Still doesn't own a driver's license so please.. volunteer to drive me :p
11. 3 Food I pick off until the lastly sighted: Onions/garlic, chilli/chilli flakes, bean sprouts
12. Behind-the-scenes tasks are my cup of tea.
13. I'm your billingual girl, speaking Malay & English. I know very very little Arabic & Spanish. And interested in Korean language, greatly influenced by K-dramas haha
14. Nineteen & the eldest of 6 but doesn't act & think like one.
15. I plan to start a part-time business, selling baked goods probably. I NEED TO FEED MYSELF, MAN. No more gov allowances in degree!
16. Awfully deathly quiet with strangers. Hence I chose to study Communications, contradictory to my personality to force the transformation.
17. Yearns to master the arts of using chopsticks & riding two-wheeled bicycles.
18. My best subjects in upper secondary were English & Mod Maths, believe it or not. I suppose, Mod Maths was sort of an escapism for me from its dreaded counterpart hehe
19. Teacher, architect, fashion designer, dietitian - my past ambitions that changed over the course of 18 years
20. Expressionless

That's all. Thanks for reading! x

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